Lightweight and simple to use, the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station has instantly supplanted my existing laptop stand.

While essentially a USB hub embedded into a laptop stand, this is nevertheless a smart piece of tech, fulfilling dual purposes. It keeps the main USB ports free, your laptop cool, and is generally a useful piece of kit that also doubles up as a tablet stand.

Simpler laptop stands are available for much less. For a laptop stand that increases your productivity, the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station is recommended.

Key Features
  • 5-in-1 USB Hub
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Silicon grips
  • 4K output
  • Brand: Ugreen
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and PC+ABS plastic
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux,
  • Ventilation: Natural
  • Weight: 282.9g
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Output: 4K, USB 3.0, TF slot, SD slot
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Fast USB hub
  • Sturdy
  • Some additional elevation may be required

Working from home often means finding somewhere to sit with your laptop. Most of the time, this involves contorting your body into an unnatural shape---and that's just when you're sat at a table.

The solution is a laptop stand, devices that elevate the laptop display for use with an external keyboard and mouse. Useful devices, but surprisingly low tech, which is why the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station is a device you should consider.

Why Do You Need a Laptop Stand?

Finding the right posture while sitting down to work for any duration is vital. The flexibility of laptops makes it easy to work anywhere, but these devices encourage poor posture and bad sitting habits.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

Sitting in an incorrect position for too long can lead to various problems. These include the obvious muscle and joint pains, circulation issues, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, and more.

While a standing desk is a smart option, this is not ideal in all situations. You might be unable to stand for any notable length of time, for example. If sitting is preferred and you're using a laptop computer, then a laptop stand is vital for in-depth, lengthy periods of work.


Basically, if you're working from home, and have been for any duration of time since 2020, there is a good chance that you've developed aches and pains from bad posture. That's where a laptop stand comes in.

Unboxing and Setting Up the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

A white oblong box holds the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station, decorated with a side profile image of the docking station itself. A quartet of magnets keep the box closed, snapping shut whenever the lid is lowered.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

Inside, the contents are minimal. Alongside the stand is a smaller white box. Inside this?is a 50cm USB-C to USB-C cable, a tote bag designed to carry the stand, and a small user manual.

Setup is straightforward and can be completed in seconds. The X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station should be placed on a flat surface like a desk or table, and the two halves pulled apart. Then, the preferred elevation should be set using the props. These slot into one of the four positions of elevation---the left and right halves of the stand should match for stability.


Next, the USB-C cable should be plugged into the stand, then the laptop placed on it, with any adjustments made to the angle. Finally, the USB-C cable should be connected to the laptop or tablet.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station Specs

What is so special about the X-Kit stand? Well, USB hub aside, it is fully recyclable with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance. This is a European Union directive, retained by the UK, and comparative with California's EWRA (Electronic Waste Recycling Act). Unsurprisingly, the packaging is also recyclable.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

Device input is via a USB-C data port (5GB/s), with support for HDCP 2.2 and DP 1.2a for full 4K compatibility.

The output is dual USB-A 3.0 (5Gb/s) with USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility; 4K and 2K @30Hz HDMI supporting 3D; and SD and TF card slots (104MB/s, SD 3.0). Together, these comprise a 5-in-1 USB hub.


Measuring 254mm x 56mm x 18.6mm and weighing 282.9g (9.98 oz / 0.62 lb), the stand can hold a laptop weighing up to 5Kg. Constructed from Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, the stand features silicon grips on the top and bottom to avoid slippage and potential damage.

Propping up your laptop with a stand like this reduces the device's operating temperature by encouraging airflow. The X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station should be used in a standard environment of no more than around 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). This enables a device with an operating temperature surface lower than 107 degrees F (42 degrees C) to be used safely. If your laptop is operating higher than this it's probably about to start dripping onto your desk.

Other specifications include short circuit protection and over-current protection. The device has a standby current of 196mA and a maximum current of 566mA when all devices are connected.


Key Features of the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

While the main feature of this stand is the built-in USB hub, other features are included.

The device supports Windows 10, as well as other operating systems back to and including XP. There is also support for macOS, iOS, and Linux. We tested ours with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 running Android 10; this also worked well. Note that Android isn't officially supported, however, but any device with a UBS-C data port should work.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

Almost all laptop stands of this type are foldable. The X-Kit stand is no different, collapsing down into a compact, easy to carry slab. This slips into the included tote bag for easy portability. It will sit snugly in a backpack, briefcase, whatever.

Designed as a "work-at-home" essential, the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station has four upright positions. As with any similar non-docking station stand, these positions enable the laptop to be viewed at different elevations. So, if you're of small stature, the lowest angle is recommended, with your laptop display angled appropriately; taller people will need a higher position.


Does the X-Kit Laptop Stand Enhance Your Productivity?

These angles are intended to help you establish the best ergonomic posture. Those four angles are mainly for viewing the laptop display, but they're useful whether you want to read, watch, or draw.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

Typing on a laptop mounted at an angle isn't easy; an external keyboard and mouse are?essential. Ultimately, a device like this aims to help avoid fatigue in your neck, arms, wrists, eyes, and lower back.

With better comfort, comes better productivity. The X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station's 5-in-1 USB hub enables fast data transfer via the USB-C cable, saving time and enhancing your output.

Practical Benefits of the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station's USB Hub

At this stage you know almost everything there is to know about the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station.


But what benefits does it bring to your working life? Does it offer anything beyond professional productivity?

Well, here's a clue: I haven't stopped using it since unboxing. Apart from a few hours with my laptop on the sofa, it's been permanently mounted on the laptop stand. I've also found that the 5-in-1 USB hub is far more useful than I ever imagined.

With my other "dumb" laptop stand, using an external keyboard and mouse meant using two USB ports on my laptop. But with the X-Kit stand, these ports are now free, the wireless dongles for each device happily hidden away in the USB hub, out of sight under the laptop.

X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

HDMI out is a feature I rarely use, but the results are excellent, with imperceptible latency. The card reader is a little inaccessible, but my laptop has a card reader already, so this isn't an issue. Your mileage may vary on this point, of course.


As well as writing and editing, producing podcasts, and various other daily tasks, I've also used my laptop for gaming while mounted on the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station. Utilizing the keyboard and mouse input dynamic on Star Wars: Battlefront II, I enjoyed a smooth, game-centric experience. The data transfer speed of USB-C makes this possible; the flexibility it enables makes this a reassuringly robust laptop stand, in all senses.

On the other hand, for me in particular, the X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station has a key shortcoming. Its highest point of elevation is slightly lower than my existing, dumb laptop stand. Consequently, I've had to make some slight adjustments to my posture and elevate the stand further?from my tabletop.

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