Plex has added six AMC channels to its free live TV offering. It means you can watch great shows like The Walking Dead without paying a cent.

What Channels Has Plex Added?

In June 2020, Plex launched free live TV channels for everyone. Unlike usual streaming services, these channels are linear and pre-programmed, so you can't choose what you want to watch.

Now, Plex has added six AMC channels to the line-up, which features shows such as:

  • AMC Presents: The Walking Dead, Into the Badlands
  • Absolute Reality by WE TV: Kendra on Top, Mary Mary
  • All Weddings by WE TV: Bridezillas, Girl Meets Gown
  • Rush by AMC: Children of the Corn, Odd Numbers
  • Slightly Off by IFC: Portlandia, Comedy Bang Bang
  • IFC Film Picks: The Man Who Knew Infinity, Comet

You can watch these channels for free on the Plex website. You don't even need to sign up. Just browse the guide, find a channel, and select it to start watching whatever is broadcasting at that time.

Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of business development at Plex, said:


Adding AMC as a partner is another step forward in our mission to bring popular content for people to enjoy for free. AMC is home to some of the most talked about shows in recent pop culture and now anyone can watch for free with Live TV on Plex.

These new AMC channels are only available to those in the US, which also plays host to more than 160 other channels.

How to Use Plex Live TV to Watch Free TV

You can stream dozens of live TV channels for free through Plex; you don't even need a Plex server to get started.

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