Netflix has launched its Fast Laugh feature on iOS, which offers funny clips from its comedy catalog in a never-ending, TikTok-like feed.

What Is Fast Laughs?

Netflix began testing Fast Laughs last year, but now the feature is taking off its stabilizers.

As announced on the Netflix blog, Fast Laughs is a mobile feature that shows full-screen clips from Netflix's comedy catalog. That includes films, series, and stand-up shows, and isn't limited to Netflix's own original content either.

To access it, simply tap the Fast Laughs tab from the navigation menu at the bottom of the app. However, because some of the content might not be suitable for youngsters, it won't appear on children's profiles.

The clips will automatically start playing and roll to the next one. It's a never-ending feed of laughs—or perhaps just mild amusement.

If you see something that tickles you, you can add it to your watch list without leaving Fast Laughs, or go straight to viewing it. You can also share the clips on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.


Netflix Product Designer Kim Ho said:

We wanted to give members a fun, fast, and intuitive way to discover our catalog by letting these comedic moments across genres speak for themselves in a mobile-native, full screen experience.

While Fast Laughs is available now only for iPhone users in "select countries" (Netflix hasn't specified which), testing will begin soon for Android.

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