Huawei has spent quite a while working against heavy restrictions, specifically in the United States.

Because of these restrictions, the company has been forced to get creative with its products.?Because working with Google is all but impossible, Huawei cannot rely on Android as the OS for its devices. Instead, the company is working on its own mobile operating system called HarmonyOS.

So far, we've only seen the beta of HarmonyOS available to developers for use on smart home products. However, we might see the smartphone version soon, as a new report indicates that the company may?have the new mobile OS installed on the upcoming Huawei P50 smartphone.

What's Up With the Huawei P50?

According to the?Chinese website IThome, the phone could launch?on April 26 or April 27.

Huawei Business Group confirmed the operating system would reach smartphones in 2021 during a presentation in September, so it would make sense for the P50 to feature the new OS.


However,?Ars Technica?claims to have had a peek at the source code for the P50, and it found Android code running. That could mean that the global version of the phone still features Android, and the Chinese version features HarmonyOS.

When Will We Learn More About HarmonyOS?

We'll have to wait until the phone gets close to launch to know whether it features HarmonyOS. Still, it's exciting to think that Android and iOS might not be the only mobile operating systems on the block if Huawei can turn HarmonyOS into a true contender.

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