Google's Full Coverage feature has been a part of Google News since 2018, but for those who?consume their news by simply searching for a topic, the feature was never visible.

That's about to change, as Google has announced on The Keyword that Full Coverage will make its way to Google Search, helping anyone learn more about a breaking news story by simply searching for the topic.

If you like?to make sure you fully understand a news story from all sides, this is for you.

What is Google Full Coverage?

Basically, Full Coverage is a way for Google to show you a complete breakdown of stories regarding a particular news topic without personalizing the results (though local stories may be personalized). That means for international and national news, everyone sees the exact same stories from the exact same sources. It doesn't matter if your political leanings are right or left, you'll get the same perspectives.

Full Coverage allows you to break out of the sources you regularly read and see the news from a different point of view, which is always helpful when you're trying to form rational opinions on an important news story.


Outside of the existing Full Coverage functionality, Google has rolled out some new technology that allows it?to detect long-running news stories that?take place over many days, many weeks, or even many months, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It can take an expansive topic and show you top news along with additional content like explainers and local coverage on the topic, helping you get a well-rounded and informed point of view.

If you want to see the full picture of a story, all you need to do is reach the end of the top stories carousel or select “More news on...” right below the carousel, and you'll?go to Google's Full Coverage page for that topic.

Now, it's important to note that Full Coverage isn't available for every single news story that happens. Google says the feature is used for "big, developing news stories." So if you search for something and you don't see the "More News on..." option, it could be because there isn't enough to the story for Google to have Full Coverage enabled.


Additionally, Google has only rolled out the feature on search for mobile devices and only in the United States in English. However, Google says that it intends to roll it out to other languages and countries in the coming months.

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