Apple has partnered with the digital guide service Common Sense Media to feature curated kids-friendly content on the Apple Podcasts platform via a new "Kids and Family" section.

Giving Kids Access to Quality Content

The new section?will be available in the US?for the time being.

Family-friendly shows that are?available through the new section will include family-friendly podcasts by companies from Tinkercast, American Public Media, Gen-Z Media, Pinna, Tumble, Highlights, WNYC Studios, Rebel Girls, and Nickelodeon.

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The new section can be found on the Apple Podcasts platform through Apple's official apps for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch and the web.?Jill Murphy, editor-in-chief of Common Sense Media, said the following in?a statement to the Hollywood Reporter:

This wonderfully curated collection of fun and engaging podcasts will help families take the guesswork out of finding shows that kids will love to listen to and provide a healthy alternative for entertainment time that everyone can enjoy.


The new section?is curated by Common Sense Media.

Updated Monthly

At launch, four separate selections of assorted podcasts will be available?to customers in the United States. Updated monthly, the collections will be?spotlighted on?Apple's website.

The Verge reports that the initial four themes focus on narrative storytelling, "shows that kids themselves recommend, mysteries and dramas, and Common Sense’s all-time picks." Common Sense Media provides its age group recommendations for these shows.

New content will start appearing today in the main carousel within the Podcasts app. It's unclear if this new section will be released in stages or to all customers at once. Aside from the main carousel, the shows will be available through the app's Browse tab indefinitely.

This isn't Apple's first partnership with the company---back in 2016, the specially curated Common Sense Media collection featuring family-friendly movies and TV shows cropped up within?the Apple TV app. Additionally, the company?began displaying Common Sense Media ratings on movie and show pages throughout the Apple TV app.

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