The current generation iMac Pro may be being phased out by Apple, wording on the Apple Online Store suggests. As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has removed all of the build-to-order configurations of the high-end desktop computer.

The only iMac Pro currently available to order is the $4,999 base configuration, which Apple describes as being available to purchase only "while supplies last."

Apple's "Most Powerful Mac Ever"

Apple released its iMac Pro desktop in December 2017, having initially shown it off at the Worldwide Developers Conference event earlier that year. It was described by Apple at the time as the "most powerful Mac ever made," and offered a souped-up version of the regular iMac with eight, 10, 14, and 18-core Intel Xeon processors, 5K display, AMD Vega graphics, T2 chip, and more.

While it stuck to the same iMac design Apple has been using since 2012,?the iMac Pro offered a darker "space gray" finish over the lighter aluminum used by the regular iMac. It also sported a black Magic Keyboard, and black Magic Mouse or Magic Keyboard.


Apple has never made clear exactly how well the iMac Pro sold. It has not received an update since the initial launch, although---in March 2019---Apple discontinued the eight-core version of the iMac Pro. This made the 10-core model into the base model, thereby being a de facto upgrade of sorts.

The iMac Pro sat halfway between the regular iMac and the Mac Pro, the latter of which is aimed squarely at the professional market. As such, it may be that it never truly clicked as a Mac with any real utility: being overpowered for everyday users, but underpowered for professional users.

Ultimately, it will be possible to get a sense of whether or not this is accurate based on if Apple replaces it with a new iMac Pro model, or simply puts the branding on ice.

New Macs on the Way

This year, Apple is rumored to be releasing its first Apple Silicon iMac featuring a redesign. One of the details rumored for this redesign will be multiple color options, which was one of the iMac Pro's most attention-grabbing details at the time of its release (being the first iMac in a new color scheme in years.)


Apple is also said to be working on a couple of new Mac Pro computers, Bloomberg claims, both featuring Apple Silicon.

There is no date yet announced for when these new Macs could arrive. But supply constraints on the iMac Pro may be one clue that customers could expect them sooner rather than later.

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